May 202013

First off, announcing my reading at the Bull Spec Issue 8&9 launch party at Atomic Empire on April 23rd… wait.  It’s May.  Hmmm.  Well, just pretend that you attended, and that it was both ‘awesome’ and ‘intestinally twisting’ (gut wrenching?), ’cause, well, it was!  A whole slew of quite talented authors, game designers, etc read some things from pieces of paper.  There were a few Bull Spec contributors (like myself) and a squadron of special guests besides.  Bull Spec Double Issue 8&9 is now officially available here.

Also, with the release, it means I now have my second professional sale, with “Barren Sky” joining previously published “The Watchmaker’s Gift”.

Speaking of “The Watchmaker’s Gift”, Daily Science Fiction is holding a ‘March Madness’ style bracket for all of the longer works they published in 2012.  Voting runs from March until May 17th, at which point the winner… yeah, it’s already May 20th.  Well, good news, I made the finals!  Which means my story will be illustrated by Seth Alan Bareiss, who, if google has done right by me, is this guy.  I’ll link the illustration when it’s completed.

Speaking of (erroneous segue), I’ve got a publication upcoming in Every Day Fiction.  “Fine Young Cannibals” is set to release on May 6th… which has also past (okay, running gag is dead at this point).  It was a nonsensical all dialog piece I wrote about 4 years ago.  I decided to put a (thinly concocted) scene around it and experimented with using zero dialog tags though the whole piece.  It… sorta worked?  Seems like confusion reigns a bit at the end, and if I had to do it again, I’d likely ditch the ‘no dialog tag’ experiment (or, better yet, let it be what it is:  an all dialog comedy sketch).

To end, one bit of actual upcoming news:  “The Pale Farmer”, which appeared in Every Day Fiction on May 3rd, 2011, will be receiving an audio treatment, read by EDF’s Folly Blaine.  Target release date is… Juneish.

Feb 122013

Here’s the skinny:  The John W. Campbell award is annually… awarded… to the best new SF/F writer.  Eligibility begins the year of your first professional publication, and you are eligible only a total of two years for the award.

Well, Stupefying Stories, and in particular M. David Blake (fellow crony of the Durham Writer’s group), decided to assemble an anthology of all those eligible for the award.  And they did it for free.  That’s work from 43 different authors, most with multiple stories, for a total of… well, it makes for a damn hefty book.  Er, ebook.  Not that those have heft.  eHeft?

The link to the blog post is here, which itself has links to download the Kindle and Nook versions.

Oh, yes, and I just happen to be in it (you didn’t think I’d waste my time with a non-self-serving post, did you?  Silliness…)

Jan 162013

Here it is, my official 2012 year end recap (not to be confused with my unofficial recap, which I mow into the eastern quadrant of my back lawn).  From a quantity standpoint, 2012 was noticeably light, with only two stories published, and one being a reprint.  From a quality standpoint though, 2012 wasn’t too shabby at all.  For starters, my reprint was an audio version in the podcast The Drabblecast, which is my absolute favorite source of short fiction (and the corresponding ear-gasms).  If you haven’t had a listen before… well, you should.  My story, “Prophecy Negotiations” can be found here, at about the 15:45 mark if you want to skip ahead.

The other story, “The Watchmaker’s Gift”, was equally as big, appearing in Daily Science Fiction, and giving me my first pro publication.  I’m of the opinion that this is my strongest story to date, and was glad to see it get some small piece of attention from the pro-world.  What it also means is that I’m ‘technically’ eligible for the John W. Campbell ‘Best New Writer’ award.  But, its safe to say, unless I blow up like a supernova in 2013… well, it’s nice to just be eligible.

Overall, what 2012 taught me was that if you don’t actually write, you won’t get published.  Strange, I know, but work with me for a moment.  I wrote a total of one new story (start to finish) in 2012.  One.  So, I think my goal for 2013 should be to… not do that again.  Can’t hurt, right?

To start, I do have two stories that are one or two edits away from being complete.  And, though its a bit outside of what I normally do, I’ve begun work on a children’s picture book as a collaborative project with my brother.  I’ve got the writin’, he’s got the drawin’.  By the way, his website is here.

So, that’s that.  I plan to be a bit more productive, but I also plan to… have fun with it.


Oct 302012

Well, I’m a bit behind on the times.  The full June review of Daily SF is up on Diabolical Plots.  The review of “The Watchmaker’s Gift” is near the bottom (6/26), and… well, I think they liked it.  For my story in particular, its really more of a short synopsis than a review, but it feels positive, so I’m going to forge ahead with that.  Yes my precious ego, needn’t you worry…

In completely unrelated news, I signed up for this newfangled microblogging network called ‘Twitter’.  Yessir, I’m at the cutting edge!  If your day to day life is feeling short on nonsensical jibbery, @RichMatrunick is here to infrequently provide such services!  I can’t promise they’ll all be winners, or funny, or clever, or thought provoking, or in good taste, or… (wait, where was I going with this again?  I’m pretty sure I was supposed to get to a ‘but’ at some point…).

Aug 012012

Well, I’ve finally gone done and invaded the airways.  Drabblecast picked up my story “Prophecy Negotiations”, which appeared in Space Squid last year.  Very excited about this one – so amazing to be part of the podcast that’s at the top of my playlist.


God I love what they’ve done with it – give it a listen if you’re so inclined (it starts at about 15:45 if you want to skip ahead).

Jul 032012


Gotta make this one short and sweet (hope to expand later when I’m done with my work travels), but my first pro-publication is now available at Daily Science Fiction (the official release was actually a week ago to those who subscribe to the DSF email).

For those of you who found your way over to my website after reading – thanks for stopping by.  For the story to be good enough that you actually followed the link to my homepage, well, that means I’m doing something right… which means a lot.  Feel free to drop me a line.  You can also comment on the story at DSF’s facebook page:

(Phase one of SWFA assimilation complete…)

Mar 092012

Seeing as we’ve just put ye olde house up on the market (in an attempt to move closer to work), I thought I’d show some love to my favorite place to write:  my back patio.

Custom designed and installed by yours truly (yes, I’m a proud papa), she’s served me well over the years.  Yet, if all goes according to plan, well, me and her are soon to part ways.  But, we had some good times.  And so, back patio, this is for you (assume a sappy love song has just kicked into full gear.  I mean, I could add audio to the post for you, but then I’d be denying your right to choose ‘The Safety Dance’ by Men Without Hats.  And if that’s the song that gets the tears going, who am I to deny you?  The answer, of course, is that I’m the site admin.  And your song is now ‘Way We Were’.  As sung by Leslie Neilsen in The Naked Gun 2 1/2.  Deal with it).

Feb 072012

A mere few weeks behind on posting this (me, procrastinate?  Never!).  So, for those waiting on pins and needles… I recommend a less ‘pokey’ seating apparatus.

2011 started off a little slow, publication wise.  I did put the finishing touches on a new story or two, which topped me out at about ten stories in submission, but acceptances were notably lacking.

May brought me my first publication of the year, that being “The Pale Farmer” in Every Day Fiction.  It was a favorite flash piece of mine, and one that seemed to enjoy gathering ‘so close’ responses from would be publishers.

Then August happened, and my oh my did things pick up.  Four publications in a three month time span, kick started by “Stranded (with Pork Chop)” in the August issue of Electric Spec.  From there it was “From Alexandra to Amberglow” in Ray Gun Revival, then “Prophecy Negotiations” in Space Squid, and finally “Other Sister” in Stupefying Stories.  Stranded, Prophecy Negotiations, and Other Sister all began life as flash fiction entries in the monthly SFFWorld contests.  And Amberglow?  Me and her go way back.

I consider Amberglow the first ‘real’ (ie, readable) short story I’ve ever written.  It was originally submitted to a PARSEC anthology with the theme ‘Dark Glass’ (2009?).  And, although it ultimately didn’t make the final cut, I received a lovely personalized letter for making the top 20 (out of 300ish submissions), with some valuable feedback.  Feedback that I took, and I reworked, and reworked, and… and then the story finally just, worked.

All and all a solid year, full of talking nonperishable goods, jackass farmboys, mustachioed men, advances in optometrics, and, of course, floating pork chops.  Although neither of my pro-sales saw print in 2011, that just means I have a great head start on 2012 (with the goal for this coming year to pick up that all important third pro sale).

So, you’ re a busy guy (or gal) you say?  Only have the time (or willpower) to experience ‘Rich Matrunick 2011′ once?  Tough to choose between my children, but, I’ll always have a soft spot for “From Alexandra to Amberglow.” Hop on over and check it out.  Hope you like it.


Dec 122011

Two thirds you say?  Preposterous!

But it is so, my good man- Daily Science Fiction has bought my story ‘The Watchmaker’s Gift’, placing me at two of the required three short story sales I need for full SFWA membership (Bull Spec being the other sale, set to release in the spring).  I don’t believe (I’ve been wrong before) that any of my other completed stories are quite up to par with a pro sale, which means I really need to get cracking on some new stuff.

For the hordes out there who can’t wait to get a hold of my story, and want to know the minute it’s released, Daily Science Fiction offers a 100% free email subscription, so sign up today! (Is there a minimum number for a horde?  Or is it more about quality than quantity?  I’m sure there’s a ratio involved…)

For those who want to wait the extra week (after I finally remember to update my website), I will provide a link when it’s available.

Nov 302011

No new news on the publishing front – but that was to be expected after the flurry of acceptances a few months ago.  My writing has actually been sparse at best over the last two months.  I’m not sure if to blame it on work or just flat out needing a bit of a break, but things have picked up in the last few days, and I’m hoping to keep the momentum moving to finish out the year.

Speaking of, I do have one rewrite request pending for my, oh let’s call it ‘blind monk’ story.  So far I’m 0 fer 3 in rewrite request sales (though two of them have gone on to sell elsewhere), but I have hopes for this one, as I’ve been communicating with the editor, so I have a pretty solid idea of what needs to change and the generic direction I should go.  In basic terms:  the ending is crap.

In other news, I just received notice of a story (my ‘steampunk turtle’ story) being placed on hold at a pro magazine.  Per their email, that gives me nearly a 50/50 shot at landing the sale.  Which, obviously, would be excellent.  I should know for sure in the next 2-4 weeks.

Finally, a new flash fiction story of mine, ‘Dead Weight’, killed at my writers group meetup last Tuesday.  I know flash is a hard sale at the pro ‘zines in general, but when the Bull Spec editor (Sam, who I had no clue was sitting behind me as I read) tells me to forget the other pro ‘zines and submit straight to the ‘big 3′ (F&SF, Asimovs, Analog)… well, I take that as a pretty good sign that I’ve written something worth reading.

That’s it for now.  Here’s to hoping…